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Get Your Beauty Rest

By Stacey Henry-Carr


Are you on a perpetual cycle of laying in the bed trying to fall asleep and finding it difficult to do so? That is a popular thing for many as studies on sleep disorders show that women are more likely to have severe trouble sleeping at night. However, this is one popular trend that I do not recommend you adopt. The simple reason is that sleep is important. There are many reasons why you want to ensure that you get proper rest. Sleep affects your entire being and those around you. Lack of sleep affects your health, wealth, and your relationships with others.

Consider sleep as your reboot button just like your computer. If you do not reboot you can miss important updates that will allow optimal functionality. Proper sleep rejuvenates the body which recalibrates the mind and sets you up for positive momentum. If you are ever wondering why you walk around lagging, you should check your sleep schedule and the amount of sleep you get. Getting the proper amount of sleep will improve your quality of life. Have you ever noticed that when you do not get enough rest you are unable to produce quality work? It affects your memory, your attitude, and overall mood. It is for this reason people take power naps during the day as it re-energizes them. Have you ever seen the energy a toddler has after a nap? That momentum is how we can start our day with the right amount of sleep. Have you ever tried working on a project while you were tired? The truth is you are using more energy working without sleep than you would if you were well-rested.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of sleep for an adult 26-64 years old. Of course, you know your body and if you pay attention you will know what you need. Regardless of how many hours of sleep you get; you should find a routine before bedtime that will help you get proper rest. There are many reasons why you might have issues sleeping and finding the root reason is the first step to changing it. I have helped numerous clients with identifying the root cause of their lack of sleep. Often, they are plagued by thoughts of the day before or the day ahead. Some people have medical reasons that cause lack of sleep, while others might be experiencing stressful circumstances. Having an evening routine that allows you to unwind is recommended. Some people use sleep meditation or calming oils. One routine I adapted from Jay Shetty is called NIGHT.

N- No phone for 1 hour before bed

I- Set Your intentions for the night before

G- Embrace gratitude for the day

H- Heal through writing

T- Set an exact time for sleep

Whatever you choose to use to help you to get your beauty rest, just know that sleep is a vital part of your wellness for the Mind, Body, and Soul.


Stacey Henry-Carr Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

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