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Let Confidence Take Flight

By Larry L. Dennis, M.Ed. | October 12, 2020


The Bible says doubt and fear are a man’s greatest weaknesses. What doubts and fears have you been clinging on to for far too long? Now is the time to let your confidence overhaul your fears and doubts.

Confidence helps you to visualize yourself as the person you want to be. Confidence can become the road map that can raise you to much higher ground.

You deserve more admiration than you’ve been giving yourself. You deserve more challenges, and their accompanying testimonies, than you have been allowing into your life. These challenges and testimonies will allow you to help others, as well as, magnify your personal growth.

Now is the time to put yourself in a state of mind where you can do all things you truly are capable of doing. Now is the time to engage and activate the confidence that has always been there, and let it alleviate the moments of indecision.

Let confidence take flight, then make unquestionably sure to give that confidence its full due. Remember nothing happens with a broken focus, so focus on purpose, persistence and enthusiasm, and put your confidence into action.


Larry Dennis is a retired United States Army Non-Commissioned officer and Junior ROTC instructor.

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