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Own Your Strength

By Sabrina Keys | September 21, 2020


Has anyone ever told you that you were a “strong” woman? Have you ever been overwhelmed by the fact others expect this of you? Do you ever experience feelings of guilt when it feels as if you’ve fallen short? If so, do not fret. I am a firm believer that we are never given more than we can handle. We have been perfectly molded to adapt to any situation set before us, and must always remember this, and respond accordingly. Simply put, own your strength. Don’t feel the need to reject it in an effort to obtain the attention, care and strength you need from others. Some of us are just naturally equipped with more strength than others, which allows us to constantly pull others up who may have far less of it. However, the time does come when we need strong, empathetic shoulders to lean on because we have exhausted ours taking care of everyone else.

With all of this said, we must also allow ourselves to be vulnerable when we are operating on less than optimal strength, and not feel culpable for doing so. It’s perfectly okay to ask for help and allow others to take care of you for a change, so welcome it. If for some reason others do not realize this, then be sure to communicate it clearly. Make them aware of the fact reciprocation of care and strength is necessary in order for you to recharge. You may be surprised to learn how inspiring that in itself may be to someone to know that even Superwomen needs a little help from time to time.

Sabrina Keys is the owner of Iamsheslk LLC, a Licensed Fitness Instructor, Public Servant, and Realtor.

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